Friday, March 23, 2012


heres a dandy link to my personal idol in the design world; maruma. Originating from japan, this guys got the skill to have his work reach the u.s. almost every piece in his portfolio is breath taking, and i cannot seem to get over the fact that everyone one of his pieces incorporate animals and nature, especially the floral side of nearly all of his work. it would be a dream come true to meet him one day

p.s- my background is a creation of maruma's entitled "otoko-to-onna"


  1. Wow, his stuff is pretty rad. How did you find out about his work?

    1. graphic art itself is my favorite category of art, what i study, and what i attempt to create. within this studying comes a point where i look into other artists portfolio and attempt to find an artist with the same "style" as my work. obviously, maruma has quite the lead on me when it comes to our pieces in general, but he is without a doubt the most inspiring artist for me personally because he blends nature and abstract together. makes quite the masterpiece's. also one of my favorite dj's (disc junkie) had his albums cover done by maruma, heres a poifect link.