Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Alright! coming back at cha with a post worth reading through. Ive already gone over one major inspiration to me in terms of art, and will have more artists and other information to come. For now, i'd like to switch to another topic, which happens to be music. Yes, people have personal taste in music; something that is needed for the industry itself, and also something that keeps culture and diversity alive between people art-wise (yes, i consider music a form of art). Now, i have both a personal taste for music, but also have a admiration towards the meaning behind the music, and also the cause.

To begin, i would like to say that i am highly fond of "beats" as i call them. Non-lyrical music, music that is composed of beats, bits, pieces, and samples of sorts. Some title this "techno", but i beg to differ. Techno is a term overused by many, to describe most, if not all music assorted with beats by. Yes, i listen to "techno", but the sub genre is somewhat between liquid-dubstep, glitch-hop, and as i portray it to be "laidback". Melodic. Composed of beats, synths, chimes, and other natural cuts of nature is by far one of my favorite additions to any song on my playlist. No lyrics, just you and the music itself, a way to truly appreciate the sound coming through your speakers, or more commonly you headphones. Not some autotuned, voiced over peace of poop. (i apologize if you dont appreciate my vocabulary)

Now, once you get the taste and appreciation for the music itself, your left with its meaning. You can listen to some punk rock, garage band  and get the feeling of anger or "rebeliousness" is some cases. This is often portrayed from the harsh lyrics and bull that is put into a fair amount of todays music. On the other hand, with non-lyrical music, you think there would be no meaning/emotion/feeling between each track on an EP or CD. but, thats utterly wrong. One thing i love about melodic, liquid beats is that of feeling content. I find myself calm and collective while listening to the music, even in the worst of moods. lose yourself in the music, as many say, but rather lose yourself in the melodies in my eyes. Basically meaning the same, but the "melody" to me is the flow of the track, the element of sound and how it differs from track to track, each diverse in any and everyway, without lyrics to assist or at times smother the point.

I am a huge fan of Pretty Lights Music Label; created by Derek Smith, but commonly known as producer for his title Pretty Lights. He began his music label himself, publishing EP's and CD's to the public himself, and signing other groups to his movement one by one. Derek, a boss to say the least, believes in FREE music. Him and all groups under his record label have all tracks, EP's, and CD's under free download. Derek and his label tour a fair amount, and play all around the U.S, and even internationally. Gramatik, one of my favorite producers, entitled his latest album "#DigitalFreedom", in supporting the movement of providing music and digital items for free, and often bashing on SOPA and its acts along the way. I must say it is a good bashing though. Other tops(favorites) of mine under Dereks label include Break Science, Paul Basic, and SuperVision.

Aside from the movement of PLM(pretty lights music) and its records, and thoroughly enjoy listening to some priceless Nujabes tracks along with some P.SUS beats. I will indeed link you up with some goodness from these artists, and possibly even an interview of Grammatik speaking on #DigitalFreedom. Maybe.

Poundtown, thanks for reading my frands.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

better things to come

once again, nothing too interesting for tonight. next blog will be on another inspiring artist(personally), so stay tuned for more arteestic wizardry aka magic on canvas/software aka making magic. aka making amazing pieces. also, just started to read the novel (Abraham Lincoln) Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith; a mere 30 pgs through it first time picking up the book, and im loving it. so, read it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


poop, procrastinated and now im stuck with a lame post. well, on the brightside, the internets working again. who knows for how long. lots a stuff going on, so unfortunately the next 2legit2quit kind of post will be this weekend, hopefully containing a few pieces of my artwork im working on(exciting). time to get some sleep, after dling ps elements 10 [:<

Friday, March 23, 2012


heres a dandy link to my personal idol in the design world; maruma. Originating from japan, this guys got the skill to have his work reach the u.s. almost every piece in his portfolio is breath taking, and i cannot seem to get over the fact that everyone one of his pieces incorporate animals and nature, especially the floral side of nearly all of his work. it would be a dream come true to meet him one day

p.s- my background is a creation of maruma's entitled "otoko-to-onna"


still getting a hang of blogging and whats its worth. this is my first blog, so ill deem its use for my art and its studies. anything from the art im digging, the art i despise, and any type other art-related topic will be posted here, enjoy
yellow. made my blog today, what a rush. gonna catch some z's and prepare for an eventful day of hashmark drinking coffee